Exhibition Solutions
Today when the role of curator is transformed into producer or director, ARTNOW offers you the full range of services to organise the successfull art exhibition or cultural project.

Services for Artists
Private consultation and long-term mentoring about career building for contemporary artists includes: Analysis of Art and artist's representation (cv, bio, statement, portfolio, website, image in social media). Professional assistance (selection of open calls, residencies, collaborations). Critical texts.


Art Consulting
Advisory, research and commission art. Source and collaborate with contemporary artists on custom commissions, tailored specially for the art project.

Exhibition Solutions and Cultural Project Management

Theoretical Framework 

. Development of the exhibition conception

. Open call (design, promotion, results processing)

. Finalizing the scope of artists and works.

Communications and Directing

. Communication with artists (studio visits, curating of artworks and logistics)

. Selection of venue and communication with gallery

. Space zoning and exhibition plan

. Curatorial tours

Event management, budgeting

. Organisation of the exhibition space (hanging and arrangement of artworks, labels)

. Budgeting

. Staying in gallery during working hours

. Communication with customers

. Deinstallation of works, packaging and delivering in case of sales

Texts, Design, SMM, PR, printing

. Writing texts (press release, concepts, posts, invitations)

. Design of poster, invitations, explication of the exhibition, foam board, window sticker, explication of works, exhibition catalog etc.

. Printing (foam board, labels, certificates of authenticity etc)

. Online catalog of artworks

. Promotion in social networks and media (Instagram, Facebook events, local newspapers, radio)

Opening event

. Invitation design and mailing

. Promotional activities (photo, video)

. Guests’ welcoming

. Wine and catering

. Other extra events like closed preview, curatorial tours, artist talks etc

Art auction

. Organisation of the auction (scope of works for sale, presentation catalogue, lights, screen, projector, speakers, DJ, drinks, catering, waiter, greeting guests, their registration )
. Registration of the results of the auction, control over all  (sending letters with details and amounts, re-receipt of all amounts as donations, packing and sending each work, control over payments from buyers)

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Services for Artists



Consultation is suitable for those who have a specific request, and will also help in solving the following issues:

. Answer the question what is your art about and get a theoretical basis for the synthesis of your artistic practice with the history of art and various external and internal processes in the world.
. Disassemble your art strategy, artistic research and expressive language.

. Conceptualize your art practice, built a theoretical foundation, find your way in art markets.



1000-2000 characters, 1 week

Text about artistic practice
A detailed, thorough and precise commentary on art practice, describing different aspects of artistic experience. Separate abstracts can be used for applications for participation in various awards, grants, open calls, collaborations with brands or with other artists. If the artist turns to the search for new landmarks, the text will be useful as evidence that fixes a certain stage of artistic conception and optics.


Text about a specific project or work
A text about a precise episode of art practice, specific exhibition project, cycle of works or a specific work. Using an extended theoretical substantiation of the project, integrating the current discourses of contemporary art, the texts conditionally provide answers to the following questions: How is the project embedded in the theory and practice of contemporary art? Why is artistic expression relevant?



PDF, 2-4 weeks

It could be a portfolio review and consultation how to create a successful portfolio or completely finished portfolio in pdf file.
. BIO / full name, date and place of birth, place of residence, key stages in education and art practice
. Photo (professional)
. CV (education, exhibitions, awards, competitions, residences)
. Artist Statement (clear articulation of artistic practice)
. Art criticism (texts by art historians, art critics, curators, notes and photos from catalogs and other professional publications)
. Photos of works in good quality (main view, side view, details, view in space, photo from the exhibition, stylizations)
. Regulation of the description of works (Name, series, technique, dimensions, year)
. Contacts

Artist's portfolio can be modified according to the following types: general, project, for a series, commercial, competitive.


Art consulting

We advise, research art and commission bespoke art, may also oversee the final installation of the piece.

Sourcing contemporary art


Commissioning artists


Identifying key location for art


Gallery day

Private guided tours (russian and english languages) through contemporary art spaces in Limassol and all over Cyprus. Artist's studio visits, curated tours, meetings with gallerists. 

You will make sure that Cyprus is not only archaeological sites and authentic villages, but also contemporary art that is relevant to today and to us. This art is very different, it asks questions, calls for dialogue and draws you into reflection.


You will understand that contemporary art can be incredibly interesting and deep, it should not be shunned, moreover, sometimes it can be purchased for your interior and collection.

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COLLAPSE art group exhibition


final showcase of figure drawing club


Environmental art exhibition

Gallery day

contemporary art Guided tours 


one day exhibition


Pop up Exhibition