Dmitrii Skolzki is Cyprus based multidisciplinary artist. In his graphics and painting practice he is driven by mixing the subconscious and imaginary worlds using metaphorical visual language. He was working as an art director and illustrator in the game development industry for last 15 years. 

The event entitled "Alevtina and Tamara" organized by ARTNOW was the first presentation and showcase of graphic novel created by Dmitrii Skolzki. The exhibition was complimented by original paintings, graphics, sculptures and edition of prints.

This artifact book about Alevtina and Tamara is a collection of noir fairytales decorated with surrealistic illustrations and calligraphic textual elements that offers a special look at life's trials and inner formation. The art book of Skolzki consist of stories with each of them as a separate narrative but together they make up the picture of the big fictional world with connected characters. Created over a ten-year period by the author exploring his inner worlds and the depths of his personality through metaphors and symbols. 

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