one day pop up Exhibition by anastasia fainberg . astry bakery Limassol . 26 january 2024 . 5 - 9 pm

Supported Structures

The exhibition entitled "Supported Structures" is a one-day showcase of sculptural installations created by Anastasia Fainberg.


Anastasia's practice includes sculpture, installation, and photography, and is centered around a reassessment of the limitations of the material realm. In this project the artist employs material structures, including man-made objects such as bread or pastries and natural objects like flowers, as a nostalgic, melancholic and also recuperative act of reflection about home. Creating sculptures inspired by Alexander Calder's "stabiles" Anastasia uses bread as a foundation to talk about the feelings that connect us with home such as hospitality, comfort, support, warm, freedom, safety, confidence and energy.


The exhibition is complimented by photoprints edition of the exhibited works.



26 January, 5 - 9 pm

Curators ARTNOW


Printing sponsor The Copy Shop

Florist partner Kerazi Flowers

Astry Bakery


Anexartisias str. 156, Limassol 3040




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